Next week we will have 1/4 walkarounds with EA guests.  Usually guests will walk around visit the teams and give feedback on their work during walkarounds. This is a great chance for us to get some early feedback. To make the most of this opportunity, we started our preparation this week.


For branding materials, Sophia finished our poster, logo and half sheet.

Small SizeHalfSheet-Back

Wei finished our teamphoto.


Other than the mandatory materials, Qing did a short previsualization video to better explain our idea to our audience.


For demos, Atit had the Gold Spike prototype done. It allows players to scan the room and throw paint balls to paint the room.


Jack was working on our PocketRoom using Xcode. We managed to scan a room and show the virtual room model around the scene that the live camera is looking at.


Besides, we also practiced on elevator pitch. The basic idea was to get users interested and “hook” them to try our product. Here is the draft provided by Wei: “Hi, we are team ARchitect. We are working on an Augmented Reality project which allows you to scan your room and take the virtual model to shop furniture. We can help you pre-visualize how real furniture looks like in your room. Would you like to try?” We will present it during all hands meeting next Monday and get some feedback.


Further on, we are going to have a detailed playtest plan for 1/4s. We will split to two teams and run two demos at the same time. There will be someone in charge of video taking, someone in charge of note taking and someone host the playtest. Wei is going to work on the playtest questions and plan. Sophia and Qing will polish our website with more branding assets and the office room decoration. Atit and Jack are working on the prototypes to make them more stable and robust for 1/4 walkarounds.
Looking forward to our first demo day!

Week 4: Prepare for 1/4 walkarounds