We are excited to begin our musical, technological, and collaborative journey this semester in Silicon Valley.      We’ve got a team of programmers, designers, artists, and producers, both new to and veterans of projects at the ETC, and we’re working on a project that is very meaningful to all of us.

The team is looking to create an application that makes the process of creating music fun and easy for everyone old enough to be interested in music.  Our tool will be targeted towards everyone ages 8+ who may be completely unfamiliar with music or even those who are; regardless, we want them all to be able to use our app to create good music that they can be proud of.

We know that we will be straddling a tough market space.  On the one hand, there are powerful musical composition tools that are fully controllable but complex, and on the other hand, there are casual toys that allow one to create rhythms effortlessly but with limited variety. Our product will have to be something that can be easily accessible, but which also carefully grants the player true musically creative freedom.  It’s not an easy problem, but we hope to approach it con bravura.

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