As we’ve moved past our quarters presentation, and the design of our experience is becoming more concrete, we’ve decided that what it was lacking is a theme and story.  We got together and came up with a world to base the application in, and we decided to add an objective for the user that goes beyond just creating a nice melody.

Our story begins on an unnamed musical planet in an abstract world far away from earth.  The inhabitants of this planet live in different apartment structures and all like to sing certain notes. The higher in the sky they live, the higher the notes they like sing.  They all need to catch the magical flying tram to get to work, and when the trip is complete, everyone sings their notes to create a melody.   You’re job is to lead the tram through all the buildings and pick up the inhabitants whose notes make up the melody you like best.  Some of the inhabitants are stuck on clouds in between the buildings, too.  Be sure to listen to them, as their notes can make your melody even more beautiful!  You can even go back and change the tram’s course if you don’t like your melody.

The tram company needs more help from you, as they are looking colonize a new part of the planet.  Now you can create the melodic tram line with your voice or finger first, and then create apartment buildings that fit around it.  Only certain buildings and people fit with certain tram lines, so find the one that works and sounds best to you!

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