Along with creating a working prototype of the application, we’ve been developing both our artistic and musical “style.”  Through our play testing, we found that people really enjoyed learning about and adding different accompaniments to their melodies.  We wanted to share some examples of level layouts, where users will draw the tram line between the people to create a melody, along with samples of what the music could sound like.  The idea of pre-built levels may have risked users creating similar melodies to each other, but we found that not to be the case.  People liked how choosing different accompaniments vastly affected the final song output, as you will notice by comparing two different audio files created from the same level design.

Level Prototype 1 Audio Files:         Salsa         Piano Pop

These are two different melodies created in the level, with two vastly different styles. The building structures (trees, balloons, mountains) represent the chords in the accompaniment   Though the styles of the accompaniment are different, the chords progression of each are the same.

Level Prototype 1


Level Prototype 2 Audio Files:     Classical Virtuoso      Piano Pop

This example features a longer level and a different chord progression.  The Piano Pop style was also featured in prototype 1, but now it’s contrasted with a Classical Virtuoso style.  You can see how much accompaniment style changes the feel of the song as both examples actually have the same melody!

Level Prototype 2, part 1
Level Prototype 2, part 2



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