Soldier Leg ExerciseBusy, busy, busy… and loving it!

This week we finished a working build of our world. We decided to structure our world around a workout routine, and broke down several 10 minute routines to figure out how to blend it with our gameplay. With that, we built a section of our world that can be repeated indefinitely  with certain elements changing in order to give the player more or less exercise and a growing  interest curve, just like a real-life aerobics routine.

Within the short span of a few days, our programmers got our two Wii Fit Boards working in tandem and in unison with the Microsoft Kinect, fixed bugs in our gesture recognition system, and got our terrifying spiders falling from the ceiling. Our modeler and texture artist built and finished our models at breakneck speed, creating webs, pipes, spider egg sacks, and a subway station, and our sound designer finished two pieces of music and a host of sound effects. Most of these elements have already been compiled into the game and we’re confident that by halves we’ll be more than ready to show off our work.

On the horizon, we have been in communication with the organizers of the Spring Carnival to get space to present, and our MicroMedic kit came late in the week, so we’ll be finding a way to integrate it into our game soon.

We’re also looking forward to meeting with our adviser and client on Monday to get their feedback on our progress.