There’s something special about watching naive guests play your game for the first time with smiles on their faces. Especially when you’ve spent the week not only adjusting game mechanics, but also adding a level to the world. You can see the game test at the following link: March_8_Gametest

We adjusted the game play in the first tunnel by changing how the player can control the board and timing out the obstacles a little better. We also added some visual elements like lighting fixtures and fire.

In terminal 1, the gameplay timing has been adjusted so that the player gets a more symmetrical workout, and it also moves along a little faster. There is also more to look at as there is now graffiti and different textures for different elements of the structure.

There are now three pieces of music to add liveliness to the gameplay, as well, and lots of sound effects as fires, sparks, and steam-pipes go whizzing by the player.

We’re in very good shape going into Spring Break as we have a playable demo and a solid plan for moving forward.