screen3We did good!

Today we presented for Halves–the ETC equivalent of a mid-term exam. We spent the week polishing our game, then gave a 15 minute presentation to faculty and peers about our project as it stands. We practiced very hard and everyone did their part very well, and the audience was definitely engaged when we showed them our demonstration video which you can watch here: Webocalypse Demo.

We spent a lot of the week fixing bugs and adjusting the game. We fixed balance board issues, adjusted sound cues, and the speed and number of bots that attack. But we also added a lot of art, thanks to Mat, Heather and Megan. There are more graffiti pieces in the terminals, and we now have ticket kiosks, a stairway, and new textures and lighting for parts of the terminals.

Andy got our heart monitor working after a frustrating start, and when the team is back from the Game Developer’s conference, we’ll experiment with uses for that information. Hopefully we can make it drive game elements like more spiders or fewer webs, etc.

I also had a meeting with the CMU Spring Carnival committee. They said we can have a space to demo our game on the midway. We’ve been trying to work this out for a while so it’s quite a thrill to finally see our efforts come to fruition.

The team will be gone to GDC next week, but I’ll have another newsletter the first week of April.