Still_of_April6FrapsWe had some great feedback this week from our client and two professional game designers. The most consistent comment was that our game is just not fun to play. But, they also had great suggestions on how to redirect our project.

The biggest change is that we are going to be moving the camera from a 3rd person perspective to an overhead view during our terminal scenes. This will make the gameplay a little more reminiscent of classics like Wizard of Wor and Robotron. We’ve also sped up the gameplay considerably. Now the player flies down the tunnel being chased by a spider and the spiders in the terminal attack in fast-moving swarms.

We’ve worked hard to add new sound, models, and animation (not to mention the massive amount of new programming) this week in order to give our client a look at our new direction by Friday. After viewing our Fraps (which you can see here: April 6 test_1), he was very pleased with the direction we are going, and reminded us that we need to aim towards a boss fight, make a tutorial, and that going overboard is good.

This weekend we will have game testers in our target demographic, and it will also be a bug fix weekend for the programmers (what weekend isn’t, right?). On Monday we’ll have an adviser meeting and a team meeting about bringing all our ideas together into one great story-line.