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Got game; will travel.

We spent the week perfecting the gameplay and handling bugs for a single level. Once that was done, we moved into creating multiple levels, each with it’s own challenges, all will an eye towards our debut at Spring Carnival which opens on Thursday.
The sound is coming together nicely, with a new song for the terminals, and a host of new special effects including the sound of spiders being hit by player projectiles, getting stuck in the webs, and projectile sounds that grow stronger the faster the players heart rate beats.

The look of the game has also changed a bit. We have a new UI design along with new avatar models, complete with new wardrobe. We’re also using the Toon-Shading tool in Unity to unify the look. Thanks to our programmers and game designer, we now have avatars that bend at the knees to scoop up ammunition and duck under webs, not to mention webs that are now sticky and stretchy instead of the rigid webs we had before.

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We’re all very excited about taking our project to carnival, and we know we’ll get a lot of useful feedback as we head into our final weeks.