Promo Videos: NEIFLetter #12

BVW Festival was last night and thanks so much to everybody that came by to play the game.  This is our hi score chart from the night.  A big congrats to Scott for topping everybody else with $14320. Beta test invites were sent out last night so let us know if you have an iOS device and want to be a beta tester for us or if you didn’t receive.. Read More

Beta Test: NEIFLetter #11

Hey NEIF Fans! We just finished up Softs at the ETC where we show off our (mostly) finished product to the faculty.  The game was very well received and we got some great feedback as well for our final few weeks of the semester.  We held a Softs hi score competition with Dave Culyba topping the rest of the faculty with $11,354 in property damage.  We will be showing the.. Read More

Full Circle: NEIFLetter #10

Another eventful and productive week at the DAM office has concluded.  For those that have been following along, we have really been struggling with a few things that we added to the game in the past month.  The main culprit is the thermometer which was creating very confusing and mixed messages about the player’s health in the game.  We implemented a vignette earlier in the semester to close around the.. Read More

The NEIF Hi-Score List: NEIFLetter #9

This week, the DAM team completed their feature-locked version of Not Everything is Flammable.  There will still be some features that are changed around a bit and a few smaller things might be added if there is time, but big features will not change from here on out.  The final big rock that needed to be moved was our 4th and final scale (which I won’t talk about too much.. Read More

ETC Playtest: NEIFLetter #8

On Saturday, DAM hosted about 26 different people in groups of 2-4 for a marathon playtest session hosted at the ETC.  The testers ranged from ages 7-22, but primarily were aged 7-11.  It was fascinating to watch younger people interact with the game as most of our playtesters this semester have tended to be around 18-30. There was nothing shocking from the playtest that we hadn’t realized earlier, but much like our Schell.. Read More

PIGDA Halloween Crawl: NEIFLetter # 7

Happy Halloween Everybody! It has been a very busy and productive few weeks at DAM headquarters.  We just finished Halves (misleading as we are way past the halfway point of the semester) on Friday which is where we present the progress of our project so far to the ETC and talk about what still needs to be done by the end of the semester.  We showed a demo of our.. Read More

Gamejolt’s David DeCarmine: NEIFLetter #6

I (Mac) just returned from Indiecade in Culver City (LA) which was equal parts inspiring, tiring, and pure fun.  I was there as part (music/sound) of the Pillow Castle team showing off the latest demo of Museum of Simulation Technology.  What an amazing event filled with daring and exciting games largely free from the evil tentacles of corporations and profit margins.  One of the big stand outs for me was GoodbyeWorld Games’ Close.. Read More

Oregon Trail: NEIFLetter #5

  On Wednesday, DAM got to spend an hour with a hero of ours: Don Rawitsch.  Don is the creator of The Oregon Trail, one of the very first educational games and one which David and I (Mac) spent countless hours playing during school hours.  There were so many fascinating elements to The Oregon Trail from it’s economic systems to it’s exceedingly high difficulty level that sustained students interest for so many.. Read More

ETC Quarters: NEIFLetter #4

So at the Entertainment Technology Center we have certain milestones throughout the semester where we show off what we have been working on to the faculty and get feedback on our progress and process.  Quarters takes place (as you would expect) roughly one quarter through the semester.  It is crazy that 25% of the clock has already ticked away, but we are pretty happy with what we have accomplished despite limited.. Read More

Procedurally Generated: NEIFLetter #3

  Hello NEIFHeads! Up above you will find the DAM team photo featuring the awesome painting skills of our Lead Designer and Artist:  David Shiyang Liu.  Pictured below the members of DAM are our spirit animals: Doge, Grumpy Cat and the Purple Tentacle. Here is our logo, which was shown for the first time at the White House Game Jam.  It is in the shape of a triangle to reflect the.. Read More