Week 2

Early this week, we went over our initial concepts with our project instructors, Carl Rosendahl and Heather Kelley. Unfortunately, none of our ideas seemed to quite hit the mark. Most of them could really be done without an internet connection; they didn’t need the internet in order to function properly. That needs to be a critical piece of our design. With that in mind, we went back to the drawing board.

During all of this brainstorming, we’ve also been conducting a number of small experiments, getting ourselves accustomed to working with these various little bits and boards. The most exciting test to date is an LED strip set up to change color based on SMS messages it receives. The other teams have enjoyed playing with it too (not to mention what a nice, decorative addition it has been to our work space).

Over this next week, we will be focusing on our team branding materials. Laura, as our primary team artist, will be spearheading that effort. Meanwhile, we will all continue testing and try to keep fresh ideas coming. We should have some new hardware delivered in just a few days, so there will be plenty more for us to start prototyping with.