Newsletter – Week 5 – “Quarterly Review”

Feedback from Quarters

Week five kicked off with a flurry of activity in advance of quarter presentations. Our Monday critiques went well as we presented a general outline of what we sought to do as well as a more specific design document. The largest concern we saw was that about scope and interest in how this project would vary from its predecessor of last semester, SIGMA. While these points were valid they were not particularly informative, though a critique of our proposed schedule and the suggestion of moving more tangible production into the design phase started being implemented this week. Our Tuesday meeting with our GM representatives also went well and we continue to work productively with them – vetting and critiquing our ideas and balancing them with their project requests.

Prototyping / Walkthrough

With some new information from our client and a freshly refined game document we began the process of lining up the production and prototyping process. For the next client meeting we have promised them a sort of walk-around experience in which they are able to experience the new camera view as well as possibly some UI items. The main goal of this is however, to let our programmers take an in depth look at the existing code with a final design in mind. We have also spent this week developing our own 3D model of GM’s EN-V concept vehicle. It looks very good and we look forward to incorporating it into our Tuesday presentation.

Technical Challenges

We are currently in the process of evaluating GM’s network firewall and the best way to pass traffic through it from the Unity engine to an offsite MySQL server. This work will hopefully yield results by the end of next week. Once that communication channel is complete, database design work will begin to address managing the many complex attributes of this project while also allowing for expansion.

Where We’re Going

With quarter presentations complete we are now kicking into a combined production and design with the idea of presenting as many working prototypes to our client. We are confident in our abilities and our design and look forward to pressing forward.

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