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Newsletter – Week 15 – “One Week Remains”

  Our softs presentations went well this week, with fairly consistent positive feedback coming from the faculty. We presented our most recent prototype, which is nearly complete except for some minor bugs and an incomplete tutorial system. Both of these … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 14 – “Nearing Completion”

Final Sprint to Softs Our final week before soft presentations, week 14 was abuzz with activity. We launched the web version of our game Monday and had a large playtest that afternoon. This playtest, conducted with a general audience from … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 13 – “Final Push to Softs”

Combining the assets Week 13’s main goal was to bring all of the assets we had created this semester together. With a finalized UI and nearly all of our features complete and ready for deployment we worked to create a … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 12 – “Work Continues”

A User Interface and Finalizing Features This week was heavily focused on the User Interface development. As seen in the following included document, we have been able to design something that is user-friendly, yet complex enough to display the game … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 11 – “Work Continues”

Working Toward Completion With our half presentations officially history, we renewed our efforts and continued to work on our project. This week, work on a wide variety of areas began or was continued. We now have what we feel is … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 10 – “Half Presentations”

It was half presentation week at the ETC and Team Factomo spent much of the week preparing for ours on Wednesday. Rehearsing and revising the presentation was a highly iterative process and as a result the presentation went well. We … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 9 – “Production Updates”

Production Continues Over the past two weeks a lot of work has been done on the project. We have developed a working prototype and conducted an initial round of playtesting. In addition, significant work has gone into the backend with … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 7 – “Production Updates”

This Week’s Client Meeting Week seven started with our weekly client meeting during which we presented a revised prototype. While similar in appearance to the previous, significant under the hood changes have ocurred–recoding major components to be more extensible. This … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 6 – “Production Updates”

Prototype Presentation Week six started with our weekly client meeting and a presentation to them of our close to final design idea. It also included a brief demonstration of a prototype layout walk-around we created using project SIGMA’s codebase. Finally, … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 5 – “Quarterly Review”

Feedback from Quarters Week five kicked off with a flurry of activity in advance of quarter presentations. Our Monday critiques went well as we presented a general outline of what we sought to do as well as a more specific … Continue reading