In today’s world, there are several reasons to watch a sporting event at home or in a bar, rather than at the stadium. Fans watching the game on TV get a better view than those in the stands, as hi-def cameras provide close-ups that even front-row tickets can’t rival. Tickets cost money, while a seat on the couch or at the bar is free. And then there’s the pre- and post-game traffic!

But there are still loyal fans who buy the tickets, brave the traffic, and watch from even the farthest balconies. For these fans, there is one element in particular that keeps them coming back to the stadium: the atmosphere. Fans love interacting with other passionate fans who are excited about being at the game.

For project Fanfare, six ETC students have teamed up with Verizon to further invigorate the stadium atmosphere – particularly, the baseball stadium. To do this, we prototyped three stadium-exclusive experiences that encourages interaction with other crowd-members. We believe that these experiences engage fans with the stadium and each other in a new and innovative way, so they won’t just come back – they’ll bring their friends next time, too.

Here is a promo of our final three prototypes: