Bonus Blog!

Bonus Blog!

We interrupt this week to bring you some exciting news…. our three prototypes! Check out these demo clips from our last three weeks of rapid prototyping in our VR chairs.

In Pegasus, fly over Ancient Greece on your very own Pegasus to explore the city, collect golden rings and compete with your friends!

In Robot, work with another player as an untested, top-of-the-line plate stacking robot in a pretentious restaurant filled with angry customers!

In Daredevil, take turns one-upping other motorcycle stuntmen by doing sick tricks and sabotaging your opponents with pies!

8 weeks, days of brainstorming, hundreds of post-it notes and dozens of prototypes later, this is where we are. It’s been fun to create what we have so far and we are super excited to choose one of these ideas and spend the rest of the semester developing it into a fully-functioning experience.

Questions, ideas or general advice? We’d love to hear it! Shoot us a note so we can chat at !