Week 14 – Soft Opening

Soft Opening was this Monday, followed by a general review on Tuesday and then Thanksgiving Break. Faculty visited from 9 to around 12 to review the work we’ve done this semester. We sat down with them to discuss our three deliverables – ChairJam, the ChairJam Kit, and our prototyping work. The main feedback we got was a feeling of confusion. It seems that we didn’t communicate exactly what our goals were or what success looks like for the team. We discussed work we have done, but were not able to illuminate everything for the faculty. On the bright side, we believe this is an issue of communication rather than actual quality of work. Our work itself is done, for the most part. We need to spend time next week when crafting the Final Presentation to ensure that we are very clear on what our goals were, what our process was to achieve them, and the results that we have produced.