Week 15 – Wrapping Up


We put a lot of thought into preparing for the ETC Fall Festival on Friday. We wanted to update Robo Rampage such that we could run it for the Festival participants. However, we ended up not being able to do so.. The technical issues we encountered were too significant for us to manage and we could not find a workaround in time. When that became clear, we split our attention to also update the pose matching game. We were confident in our ability to update that to a suitable state in time for Festival. Not to mention that the core idea of the pose matching game is getting able-bodied folks to try out wheelchairs in a fun atmosphere. Festival was the perfect time to run it. This made Festival itself a blast. We had a larger turnout than we expected. Everyone who came by was intrigued and excited by the idea of playing a game utilizing a wheelchair. It definitely made people stop by the door and peek inside. We got a chance to discuss our goals for the semester with many of the attendees, which made it a great time overall.

Wrap Up

With Festival coming and going, the semester is coming to an end. We have final presentations and playthroughs coming up, but after that will be winter break. The kit is ready to go and uploaded on the ChairJam website. Our prototypes produced good lessons, even if Robo Rampage wasn’t totally functional. Theresa is interested in a ChairJam 2.0 and it seems she will be using our kit in the process. Who knows, maybe we will even be around to help out as well. Joyride was a ton of fun, and we hope that the ideas of inclusion and fun we learned about and discussed over the course of the semester continue to spread into the future.