Joyride is a team at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) collaborating with researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Human Computer Interaction Institute to create and host ChairJam. ChairJam is a three-day Game Jam / Hardware Hackathon to create interactive experiences which highlight a sense of joy around wheelchair use. Instead of focusing on the practical and traditional uses for wheelchairs, this project seeks to explore their design and possibilities from a playful perspective. What delightful experiences are possible when we look past the ordinary?


CMU project leaders from HCII and ETC will be documenting ChairJam 1.0 process and outcomes, both for academic research and to share the concept.


Our hope is to showcase the outcomes at festivals and conferences, after additional development on the prototypes by CMU students in HCII and the ETC.


We'll be collecting feedback to the event from participants and stakeholders so that future ChairJam iterations can be improved.

Week 5 – Venue Won’t Believe This

Weighing Our Options We got some surprising news last week in that Catherine Getchell, Director of Disability Resources, informed us she’d be unwilling to support the event if we were using 407 South Craig as our venue. This is based on her aforementioned issues with the building’s accessibility, namely narrow spaces, doorways, and lack of…

Week 4 – Iterations On Our Iterations

Quarter’s Walkarounds This week was the ETC’s Quarters, meaning we had faculty walk around to each project in groups of 2-3 to listen to our progress to provide feedback and advice. We got a lot of sound advice and a lot of fair confusion during our talks. The first few groups had trouble understanding the…

Week 3 – Taking a Tour

Iteration & Outreach We spent this week implementing the received feedback on our website and flyer. Much of the website’s pages needed some work to be more readable and less blocked full of text. The flyer was recreated almost from scratch to create something that more aligned with our event’s feeling and goals. The materials…

Week 2 – Making Materials

What We Did This week was spent on mocking up a few rough drafts of recruitment material. We spent our time working on the ChairJam website, flyer, and several logo ideas.  The website draft was made on Wix because of its simplicity and immediate availability – good for making something quick. They flyers were made…

Week 1 – [Not So] Clever Title

Hello! We are Joyride, an ETC team helping to facilitate and document ChairJam. ChairJam is a game jam / hackathon focused on exploring the joys and playability of wheelchairs. The event will be held October 18, 19, and 20, right after our Project Halves! From now until then, our job will be to help recruit,…