JPS title

Project Description

Jelly Pirates in Space is an asynchronous, multiplayer, shoot-em-up that invites players to be gelatinous pirates on a spaceship trying to survive a hostile environment in order to obtain treasure. Players must work together to both shoot and destroy enemies/hazards, as well as shield and maneuver their ship to avoid impacts. Gunners beware: should their cannons be damaged, the captain must repair them. And while the captain does not control a cannon, they do control a mobile shield which can be used as the last line of defense for their ship. Together the pirates must survive the hoards and reclaim their stolen treasure!

This semester we worked under the direction of¬†Electonic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer. Together with team Thunder Egg, we have created a cooperative game experience for players who don’t fall into the category of “core gamers”. Within that demographic we specifically appealed to children ages 8-12 and their parents through simple mechanics that allow for an easy-to-learn and fun experience. Through this approach we created a game that offers fun for the whole family!

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