WEEK 7: Testing the Story

This week we focused on testing the stories for our final project.

We tried to include characters that are part of the CMU student body and that is why we decided to base the stories around an African American, Indian and Chinese students and the micro-aggression they face.

Currently we are focusing on three main stories:

The Study Group: an Asian student is given less work to do due to her peers not trusting her skills.

The Interview: An African American is practicing for the interview. His friend thinks he will get in thanks to affirmative action

We created a “paper playtest” and presented it to the undergrad class. Currently there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the dialogue and on the scripts themselves to make them more believable before going into halves in two weeks.

One of the stories (“The joke”) recieved negative reviews saying it felt the least believable and in addition to changing that we also need to add another tutorial/head fake. A moment you think you understand what this is about (“oh this is an experience about racism”) but it’s more complicated than that. The basic example was “you guys” used as to┬árefer to a group of people while the guest would think it is referring to an ethnic group.


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