WEEK 13: Almost done

In the previous two weeks we have been working on bringing the experience together. So far we used mock-ups for the video’s (shot with the help of our fellow students) but now that the official shootings were over we could replace them with the permanent clips. This is a great mile stone for us signaling our final steps towards a finished project.

After embedding the new videos and animations we showed the product to the class and made changes based on their feedback. Some felt that the voice over moments lacked substance so we changed the script and re-recorded them during the week (updating the animation accordingly).

In addition, we were also made improvements in the following areas in preparation towards softs:

Database: we are currently logging information but still not presenting it back.

UI: Making improvements to the UI by replacing the thought bubbles with a newer, more rectangular version, adding drop shadow to some of the text to make in legible

Animation: as mentioned, making changes based on the changes to the script and finalizing the animation style. We tried different background options but due to feedback stayed with the white. It strengthen the point that it is the person’s thoughts.

Infrastructure: implementing “learn more” moments. In certain areas you can click on little information icons

We still need to add some final touches before the project is done and ready but so far we are on the right track.


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