WEEK 14: Soft opening

This week we had our soft opening. Faculty members stopped by and played through our entire experience. We implemented several changes and additions before softs: first, we updated the animations based on the feedback and the new voice recording (thanks to Na-Yeon who has been working hard on getting it done before softs) and second we added the different endings (thanks to Leona who tested that they all work). In the current version, we have 5 different endings based on the choices the guest made in the three scenarios. We tried to cover most of the options without having it sound too “fake” (for example, if you got all three wrong you would meet two characters that will try and push the message of how you could have done better but they won’t talk about all three cases. That might be too much).

Most of the feedback we got during softs was a positive one. The faculty was reacting well to our product and the most exciting moment was when three faculty members were debating and exchanging notes from the experience. We did receive some minor negative feedback regarding the editing and some part of the UI which we fixed for finals.

Currently, it seems that we hit the main points we set out to achieve: creating an emotional experience that arouses discussion.

With that in mind we are moving on to the last few weeks of the project with the hope to finish strong.

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