Reaching for the End

As we approach the end of the semester, we’re still in full production mode. For our scenarios, we’re working on finishing and polishing each of the animated scenarios. Our team has really been focusing on wrapping up the scenarios and getting them to a place where they are ready to be handed to our client. Some of the particular details have been getting the voices implemented and lip syncing done. Leona worked on getting the voices cut and put into Unity, and Kuk took them and worked on getting the lip syncing set up. There’s still a few things to smooth out, but we’re happy with where the animations are at as we look forward to soft opening (soft opening is a time when faculty can walk around and look at all the projects and give some snippets of feedback before final presentations).

The matching exercise is also coming along well. We have the UI set up and is ready to be implemented. We have a few fixes that need to be done, but it is at least at a point that we can show to faculty and get some feedback on. At this point, we’ve had less than a month to work on developing this exercise, and we are feeling that it’s one of the best pieces of the experience. We wish we had more time to be able to iterate and test, but at this point we’re still figuring out how exactly it should even work. Since the scenarios were what we originally agreed on with our client, our priority has been to get them done to an acceptable level for finals, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to work on the exercise. We are really exited to put it in however, all of us feel it’s a very strong point of our project.

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