Prepping the final steps

As we approach the end of the semester, we are starting to work on getting the final pieces in place. This week we’ve been working on voice actors.

Since a major part of our project revolves around being able to understand audibly the scenarios, hiring good actors to portray the characters is very important. We’ve been working with a couple acting agencies to explore the different options for voices. We sent some sample scripts to a couple places and got some clips back that we listened to as a team and chose some of the voices we felt best suited our project.

The judge’s voice was one of the harder choices to make. While the judge only has a couple lines, we felt like it was one of the most important characters to have a unique voice for. For the voices of Nancy and John, we needed voices who could work with each scenario well since they carry across all three of the scenarios. For other characters; Chelsea, Jennifer, Billy, and David, we wanted people with unique and strong voices to really show the change between each of the scenarios. Each had to be able to tell their own story in each scenario and help show the connection to each of the issues that are being portrayed.

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