11 Improvement after halves

On Monday we had a juicy meeting with Francesca and Josh discussing about our progress and schedule. The meeting can be summed up as follows:
We demonstrated our dues of each cast in detail. They also get the sense of deadlines clearly. The order of the next three casts has been decided. Models and content of cast 3 will be sent by Friday, which means casts 3 is a little delayed because Francesca was out of Pittsburgh last week. Hopefully, we will get what we need for casts 4 and 5 on time. In case of accidents happen again, we will have a plan B – searching the information on our own once we do not get anything by Friday. Certainly we will keep in touch with clients to evaluate the situations.
We talked about back-end and maintenance with Josh. He feels good about what we are planning to use. He also gives us his own Tango so that we can install our prototype of the first 2 casts on it. He is about to show it to some other architects for future feedback.
We discussed how to place the textures of the 3D models, and when we can get new models as I mentioned above.
Francesca will update the Drive folders with information about the upcoming casts.
After having waited for a few days…we decided to adjust our strategy.
Since clients didn’t provide models on time, we are on plan B these days.
Although Francesca has sent us the text content, the cast models are still missing. So we are working on Plan B now, creating the building models on our own. We have also added animations to the experience such as human beings and animals around the building models.

Features implement (e.g. placing the building model, building model animation, human being and animals)

Models and animations of humans and animals

Cleaning up the menu interface and the postcard surface.

We’ve received the content of the third cast. Aly has finished the #3 content and playtested it.

For sure we sill keep emailing them. We are on Plan B now but we don’t give up contacting them so that we could make the project 100% satisfying.

Francesca gave us the text information and pictures of cast but there are no building models or cast models. The information on Drive is just those historical text content and 2d pictures. Cast 3 lacks of 3D models, both building model and cast model. What we create are those 3D models of cast 3.

Honestly, we have fully took advantage of what they gave us in terms of cast 3. What Francesca mentioned is just her part- historical content and pics, not Josh’s part – the models.

Generally, we guarantee that we would make the first two casts perfect because those two casts indeed have all things we need – historical content, building models and cast models. They offered what we need for these two. However, we are working on cast 3 but we didn’t say we could guarantee it would be as perfect as cast 1 and 2 because they didn’t provide the building model and cast model, which are created on our own. So we would have a not so perfect version for cast 3 but we will still finish cast 3. That’s the future plan by Soft Opening.