10 ETC Playtest Day

ETC welcomed over 100 people for playtesting on Saturday.





The reactions align with our emotional goal quite well.

However, most of them didn’t gain much architectural knowledge after using the app, which doesn’t meet our educational goal yet.



Painpoints are pretty consistant.
1. Problem with navigating through the story part;
2. Confusion of how to place 3D building or take pictures.
They are due to unclear UI instruction and lack of interaction feedback, which will be focused and improved in the next design.

It was great to see testers actively inspecting the models and talking with each other.

There are several minor problems can be fixed easier. eg. phrasing of copies and text, typo, and font size.



3D buildings were everyone’s favorite. They were very interested in the details and animated human figures.

Fun facts and pictures in the stories were also very popular.

We have seen a few testers really having fun with the models and photo taking feature. In next iteration, this could be of high priority to refine this part and enhance the overall AR experience.