Week 10 (March 23rd- 27th)


This has been a fairly productive week for the team. We have been working hard to implement our new “connect the blobs” feature. We think this will increase engagement for some of the kids in the older age bracket, but also will help to teach the younger children a bit about shapes.


On the design side we had a great time brainstorming the potential of this new phase of the game. It also led us to a few new ideas, including a “lightning blob” interaction. We will pitch this idea to the team next week after our playtest this Saturday.

Phase 3 Design Document-08

Gina has been hard at work creating some new blob assets and backgrounds for the new phase. The new phase is a nighttime scene and we are anxious to see how the kids react to it. In addition, she has been working on the facial animations for the blobs and the expressions of our new red and green blobs.


The programmers have been implementing new AI and creating the new phase. Vivek and Casey have been discussing the client side interface and how they will manage our experience without us being there. We are coming up with a comprehensive way for them to be able to start and run the program without much effort.


We also purchased 2×2 foam mats to project onto. Hopefully this will be our final flooring for the install. We are excited to see how the kids like it. We are also interested in the reflectivity of the surface and what type of image quality we will see from it. We have been talking with Sean McChesney of Electrosonic about projector solutions and we hope to purchase that next week.


Yes things are really looking up for team Play4life.


Until next week readers,