Week 11 (March 30th- April 3rd)


This was a big week in terms of progress for the team. We had a great playtest on Saturday as part of the ETC’s annual Playtest Day. We had multiple children for 2 hours play through our experience. It was interesting to see how their interaction methods changed with each playthrough. By the fourth or fifth time around the kids really started to pay attention to the sad blobs. We found that they actually had a really negative response to them even causing one child to cry. This is something we look to update for our next playtest.


We also got to test our third phase which is a “connect the blobs” phase. Here kids got to make large shapes by connecting many small blobs. Once the shape was made they would jump on it repeatedly to make it explode into many tiny little blobs. They really seemed to love this phase. The jumping on the big blob really builds anticipation and gets kids excited.


We are moving forward with what will likely be our fourth and final phase. Here kids will interact with “firefly” blobs. The programming team is working on implementation and the art team is preparing new backgrounds.


We are prepping for the final installation. The projector and the floor have both been purchased and we have begun the prep on the computer we will be providing them. We hope to continue working on these aspects before heading down to West Virginia next Saturday.


Yes things are really looking up for team Play4life.


Until next week readers,