Week 6 (Feb 16th- 20th)


Another busy week for team Play4Life. We really dug in and hashed out the design and worked out our prototypes. We set 2 playtests for next week so we will be racing toward finishing a complete prototype for that next week. The programmers have been tackling issues such as paint flow and blob artificial intelligence.


A big challenge we are faced with overcoming is figuring out how to move our projection system to areas where we can playtest. Our first playtest will have a group come here to the ETC but we will need to also be able to go to our testers when we head back down to West Virginia next week. We are looking into making our own system or using a tripod setup.


The Week Ahead


Next week we will be working towards a test build, and subsequently testing it. This will give us the necessary data to push the design in the ideal direction. We will also be gearing up for our halves presentation. Everyone on the team except for Joo Yun will be heading out to GDC in an effort to network with industry professionals, and check out everything that is new in the world of games.We expect to have a busy week.


Yes things are really looking up for team Play4life.


Until next week readers,