Week 13 Summary

We are refining molecular physics to make it more interactable and fun. Also we tried our first networking experience to test if the physics data transferring works. Check that out below.

We are also adding a tooltip feature for educational purpose.

Bonding Interaction


We also made some changes to improve how bonded atoms behave physically. In our initial prototype, each atom in a molecule was fixed to a position relative to the parent, that was calculated according to a database of molecule structures. While this resulted in correct molecule configurations, the resulting experience did not convey why a molecule was structured the way it was, which was that the electron pairs were repelling each other. We therefore experimented with a more physically based approach, where atoms were instead constrained to each other using spring joints, and would repel each other using an approximated force, eventually converging to a tetrahedral shape.

Networking MVP / First Trial

Tooltip feature

In educational contexts, some information needs to be hidden to avoid cluttering the virtual space. The Gesture-based Dynamic Descriptor is a way for students to reveal more information about certain objects, that appears when users make a specific pointing gesture.