Week 1: The Beginning

And we’re off! The semester has started and we dove right in to work. The first order of business was to figure out each team member’s role(s), which determines how each person contributes to the project. Knowing what everyone plans to work on will help us determine the scope of the project, once we get specific project requirements from the client. It’s especially important to decide who the Producer of the project will be, because the Producer is the point of contact for the client, and is responsible for maintaining project deadlines. Here are our roles for the Storiverse project:

  • Xiao: Artist and Producer
  • Tim: Artist
  • Tauseef: Programmer
  • Nick: Programmer
  • Yuxing: Programmer
  • Brynn: Designer

Speaking of Storiverse – what’s in the name? We decided on the name “Storiverse” because it’s a combination of the words “story” and “multiverse.” Since our goal this semester is to tell a trans-media story, and use each piece of content on various media platforms to build out our story’s universe (so that the story feels as though it takes place in an alternate universe – one of the overall multiverse), we felt it was appropriate.

The final big milestone of the week was sitting down to our first meeting with the client, Verizon. We discussed what Verizon wanted to get out of the project, and how we could use the talents of each team member to achieve that goal. For Week 2, our main task will be to define more detailed client expectations, and set a plan for how we’ll meet them over the course of the semester.