Weekly Blog

Week 13 and 14: Softs and final changes

For softs, we implemented a lot of features, including: Collapsed dots that show videos for the past 30 days and videos for a day. Axes position change. Working filters Improved interaction with dots. For softs, we received a lot of good

Week 11: Playtest

Hi everyone, we didn’t do a post last week because thought it would be more meaningful if we post after today — our playtest day. We iterated our UI and interactions multiple times since our Halves prototype. During our playtest, we

Week 9: Halves!

This week, we focused mainly on Halves presentation. Here’s the link to halves! Right now, we’re working hard to put our prototype up on the web so that Pittsburgh faculty can see it. We’re also pressing on with UI iterations

Week 8: Preparing for Halves

Halves is around the corner! Meanwhile, the team has been working hard to move forward with developing the prototype. Current Prototype   This is the current prototype that we have, after database restructuring and stemming of collected labels. We are

Week 6: Videos by tags

Apologies for the late post! Jiayang and I (Christopher) were away for a conference for the past week. Last week, we ran the scraper through Battlefront 2’s open beta phase. Right now, we’re still collecting tags and trying to see

Week 5: Quarters!

Star Wars Battlefront Video Analyzing Previously, we used static Star Wars related images and ran them through Google Vision API. We had some success with the “Web Entities” result, which is the collective information of the image and search terms.