Week 11 Newsletter

This week is mainly about our half presentation. We presented to our adviser Carl and Heather on Monday and Tuesday and made changes afterwards regarding the feedback from them.

On Wednesday, many guests attended the presentation. Angela introduced the background stories, goals, challenges, and metrics of our project, Feiran talked about brainstorming, Eric explained our game design, Christiana illustrated how Dreamcatcher works and our experiments, and lastly, Aiden demonstrated our gameplay and future plans. Because our presentation was very well prepared, it went very smoothly.


After the presentation, we set up our demo to showcase. Many people were interested in what we were doing and wanted to know more about this project, Dreamcatcher, Stingray and Project Hack Rod. We answered every question from them and received a lot of valuable feedback. We extracted what would greatly benefit us and used them in our next step game design.

On Thursday and Friday, we narrowed down our scope in terms of the time we have, and removed as many unnecessary parts as possible. We finished modeling all seven tracks for testing purpose and mission track for turning.