Week 15 Newsletter

This is the week of soft opening. Before soft opening, we wrapped up our project, added as many features as possible, and polished the UI and art assets.

Angela added different materials to chassis in different categories – blue for jumping cars, red for turning cars and brown for the combination. Also, she made the screenshots of the terrains as the images in level selection.

Aiden added all 36 pre-generated models and polished the UI.

Eric made the GIFs for all 36 model generation process, such that players can see how the models are generated from a box by Dreamcatcher. Also, he finished twisting all the variables for the models. Now, every chassis behaves differently.

Feiran mainly focused on the steering wheel controller. The problem is that Stingray doesn’t support it such that he has to write a third party application, taking the data from the steering wheel, and simulating key pressing. What’s worse, when Stingray handles turning, it only accepts 1 or 0, which means you can either turn at maximum or go straight. In such a condition, the steering wheel works but it makes the playing experience really frustrating.

Christiana finished her work with Dreamcatcher and gave all the models to Aiden. In addition, she made the sound effects and added background music to the game.


On Thursday, we showcased our game to the public. A lot of people came and experienced with it. Most of them were very interested in the concept of designing a car based on players’ own performance, and we also got a lot of valuable feedback in terms of UI and driving difficulties.

On Friday, we shot the promotion videos. The 30 seconds video can be watched here: