April 26, 2016


Two years ago, the design giant Autodesk worked with the media company Bandito Brothers and the bioinformation company Emotiv, to create the first vehicle with nervous system – Hacked. They brought racers to race in a desert, and collected performance data from the sensors they installed on the car chassis. All those data has been fed to an AI software called Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcathcher is Autodesk’s AI generative design tool. It can generate different kinds of designs by analysing design objectives like functional requirements, material types, manufacturability, and cost restrictions.


Generative Design starts with your design intent and then explores all of the possible ways to find a solution through multiple, successive generations, until the best is found. So designers do not need to draw the design blueprint from scratch,  instead, all they need to do is define the problem well enough.The infinite computing power of the cloud then takes over.