Character Designs

The African Batik art style is the basis for all of our character designs. The bold, white outlines and minimalist shading hues give the characters a unique appeal that helps characters stand out in the game, and in player’s minds.

Environment Art

Our environments are inspired by real-world imagery of various African savannah regions. They often have very dry climates and produce tall, light-brown grass and sparse foliage or vegetation. We found the calm gold and tan colors of these regions inspiring for the majority of the game setting, especially since they become so bright during daytime hours. However, there are also lush, green regions that inspired our jungle environments where Monkey and Panther reside.

Week 10 Newsletter

Week 10 – Abstract: “Hello again everyone; it’s been a while! We took a couple of weeks off for spring break and to attend the Game Developer’s Conference held in San Francisco last week (so no need to worry about the “missing” week 9 newsletter). This week we focused on conducting our second playtest, as well as compiling an effective presentation of our progress this semester to present at halves…”
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