Week 10 Newsletter

Week 10 – Abstract: “Hello again everyone; it’s been a while! We took a couple of weeks off for spring break and to attend the Game Developer’s Conference held in San Francisco last week (so no need to worry about the “missing” week 9 newsletter). This week we focused on conducting our second playtest, as well as compiling an effective presentation of our progress this semester to present at halves…”

Week 3 Newsletter

Week 3 – Abstract: “This week team Transcendence has been working to prototype a chapter in our game. In the scene, Monkey learns about jumping to conclusions and better thoughts she can have that don’t trigger negative feelings and subsequent behaviors…”

Week 1 Newsletter

Week 1 – Abstract: “We have begun brainstorming multiple different interpretations and subsequent encapsulations of our project objective. We are looking at ways we can incorporate both the education and entertainment components that we believe are necessary for a successful end product…”
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