Welcome to VR Rehearsal Project

VR Rehearsal project !

VR Rehearsal is a team of 5 students at Entertainment Technology Center in Carnegie Mellon University. This project is targeted at people who face upcoming presentation. We will present a new method of practicing presentation which users are able to prepare presentation in interactive virtual environment.

In this project we provide three main features. First is virtual environment including virtual audience, space and presentation tools on mobile devices. we chose mobile HMD (Head Mount Display)  to be the platform of virtual environment because of portability and low cost for users. Second is interaction mechanism between users and virtual environment such as eye gazing and fluency of speaking. Third is feedback from virtual audience and user’s performance. Users can get abundant feedback including eye contact, speech tone and fluency from our application. They can self-check based on visual feedback data.

Our goal for this semester is developing VR application that user can practice their presentation in their smartphone and google cardboard. We strongly believe that VR Rehearsal can contribute to not only the education but also serious game industry.