Week 12: Wrapping Up Development

This is it! We’ve wrapped up our final week of official development on our prototypes. Knowing us, we’ll continue tweaking them until the very end of the semester (Luna is still finding and fixing bugs in the Flags prototype), but we’re officially moving into the documentation phase next week. These last two prototypes have the […]

Week 11 – Steady Progress

This has been a relatively quiet week here in Wonderland. We’ve made great progress on our current prototypes throughout the week and started detailing what our documentation will look like and how much time we’ll need to spend on it. We also had the opportunity to show a few of our prototypes to young students […]

Week 10 – Playtesting and More

Despite half-semester presentations being over, this week was somehow just as busy as last week. This was largely because not only did we select and start work on two new prototypes, but we also needed to prepare for ETC Playtest day on Saturday. That meant revisiting our project goals to make sure we’re all still […]