Some of the tools the user gets are the binoculars, thermal goggles, map and logbook. Here we break down some information on those in the design phase. This also includes some information on playtests and how we are changing some of the functions of those tools.


We figured one essential and probably fun to use tool would be the binoculars. Every “explorer” that leaves home will take a pair with them. We have some more interesting additions though, and here below you can see a screen shot of when it was implemented. You can also use the tool to collect data of the animals and put it into your log book by clicking the “Collect Data” button.



 Here we see the user focusing in on an animal, and an info button pops up



If the info button is clicked, you can see the information of the animal, and log it in your log book




Every explorer likes to store their information, and we felt that the children would want to store theirs. More than that, we felt like it would be great to give them a feeling of progression. This meant that next time they join the game, they’ve already collected the Caribou information, and they can move forward and collect some information on another animal that they are interested in.

The log book contains some facts about the animals, as well as what they may eat and some sizes the user has collected. We felt like users collecting info may give them a greater feeling of personal achievement.



This is a screen shot from initial UI, and will be changed, though it shows the information we’d like to include



As you can see, the wolf information is not populated, and the user needs to find the animal, and log its data first


Above is not the finalized direction we are looking at, we have been getting further assistance, hoping it would bear as much fruit as in the past. It seems to have, as we have new log book designs shown below.



These are the future designs we feel like we may implement into the game in the future


Thermal Goggles:

We are currently implementing thermal goggles, which we feel like we could use in up and coming missions for the game. They would involve using them to identity certain areas/animals that give off heat, in comparison to the cold arctic world. This would lead the user to a den possibly, which would inform the users on certain animals that do have dens, and how they may care for their young.


Here is a screen shot of a initial work through of the thermal vision