NeuroACT is a series of interactive experiences designed for a cutting-edge neural-interface device. Operating on Electromyography (EMG) technology that measures the electrical activities produced by our skeletal muscles, this wearable device lets us interact with the computer applications through thin air. We use machine learning to develop our prototypes in 3 specific areas that showcase the device’s strengths in gaming, training, and location-based entertainment. We believe our designs shine a light to what was considered as science fiction and enable guests to experience the device in the most fun and meaningful way.

Team Members: Mohan Bai, Siyuan Hu, Sudha Manigundam Raghavan, Qianye Mei, Tera Nguyen, Sunwoo Park

Project Instructors: Mike Christel, Heather Kelley

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219