WEEK 6: Story and UI Developing

We set up several characters of different racial background for hiring actor and developing stories around them.

In order to build up player’s connection and understanding of the characters, we decided to reuse characters in  different stories.

We wrote six short stories with university environment, involving Black, White, American Indian and Chinese students. Some of the characters were victim of microaggression in one scene and became the one who was making the offensive statement in another scene, so that player could see different perspectives.

After several times of discussion, we made comments and changes to the stories and brought them to teachers for more feedback and suggestions.

For UI design, we made the first draft of the main interacting screen for the previsualization video.

According to the feedback in the team meeting, we had the second version which removed the textbox, and changed font types and layout.

We made variations of the choices and thought bubble design, and sent these UI draft to some HCI students in the home team for further improvement.

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