WEEK 8: Incorporating Feedback

The previous week the main campus team conducted playtests with their peers and are continuing to do so. We presented the changes that we made to the script with the class’ feedback and this week we incorporated feedback from the playtests. The stories have to be believable and presented in a way that resonates with the student community. Some of the feedback we received was around the overall experience, some was about specific parts of a scenario, we collated everything and then altered the script.

Added scenes from the flashback to the mockup

Then we propagated those changes to the interactive mockup so that it can be used for playtesting again. We also shot a reading session for different characters (bringing in students of different ethnicity from the ETC), so that we could listen to how the interactions sound. It is crucial that the dialogues sound natural as that could make or break the whole experience.

This week we’re going to work on fine tuning the pacing of the overall experience and flesh out the opening scene, before the player is presented with “choose your own adventure” options.

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