Construct Studio

 Joel Ogden (15) CEO

Chuck Tsung-Han Lee (16) Vice President

Amy Stewart (16) Head of Narrative Design

Construct Studio is a production house dedicated to interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality.

Two years ago, our team members started a project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center to explore narrative filmmaking techniques in Virtual Reality. The resulting film, Imago, combined narrative storytelling, dance, and CG to create a full immersive  experience. The film made use of concepts of Presence in Virtual Reality as they affect immersion, and has been featured in SIGGRAPH 2016, San Francisco Virtual Reality, VIVID Toronto VR Film Festival, and the Unity VR/AR Vision Summit.

Building from this VR film Imago, our team has now come together to move this medium further.

We are a group of artists, writers, game designers, engineers, animators, entrepreneurs, all experienced and inspired by Virtual Reality. Our members have industry experience in Virtual Reality and interactive storytelling, and have now come together to create something groundbreaking.

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219