Loadcomplete is a global game studio, based in South Korea,  creating fun mobile content that adds sparkle to everyday based on people, ideas and technology. Since its establishment in December 2009, as seen in the major games such as Bumping Bear, Labrinthia, Dead Eyes, Crusaders Quest, Disco Panda, and so on, the company has created a sustainable value through its universal yet touch- It is recognized that the ability to create. Since its inception, we have been using Unity 3D and developing and serving games on various smartphone / PC platforms such as Apple App Store, Google Play, KakaoTalk, Facebook, Africa TV, and Steam. Gamers, creators, and partners will create a special game that will make everyone happy and happy.

Twitter: @Loadcomplete

Facebook: LoadComplete

YouTube: LoadCompleteGames


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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219