Music Everywhere, Inc.

Seth Glickman (17) – Musical Director & CEO

Fu Yen Hsiao (17) – Designer

Byunghwan Lee (17) – Programmer

Music Everywhere, Inc. is a creative studio with a passion for designing AR musical experiences and music education applications. Founded in 2017 following an academic project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. Based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Music Everywhere AR is an augmented reality piano learning tool that focuses on teaching improvisation in blues, rock, jazz and classical styles. Leveraging a bidirectional MIDI-over-Bluetooth connection with a Microsoft HoloLens AR device, students at the piano can engage with interactive lessons, watch virtual hand demonstrations, see and hear example improvisations, and play their own solos and accompaniment along with AR-projected virtual bands and musicians.

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219