Sarabeth Boak (17): Co-Founder, CEO

Jaehee Cho (16): Co-Founder, CCO

Tsung-Yu (Jack) Tsai (16): Co-Founder CTO

Stitchbridge’s Interactive VR software allows companies to build custom VR experiences, all without coding. Create user interactions using speech and gaze, create training exercises that are true-to-life and give you the flexibility and consistency that VR has to offer. Track user choices and compile the data to improve your workforce. Start building your experience today.

We help creators develop more engaging interactive 360-content for mobile devices. Our software lets you add interaction through speech and gaze,and track user data as they move through the content. We believe innovating on 360-video opens up markets in training, advertising and beyond, and that these markets will play a significant role in the growing VR industry, currently 22M monthly users.


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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219