Alumni Update: Jim Vollberg, Patrick Jalbert, Sam Polglase

We received email from Jim producer of Schell Game’s venture @The Nullpoint

“Hey everyone!

My name is Jim Vollberg (ETC ’14).  I am a producer at Schell Games, and am working with Patrick Jalbert (ETC ’12) and Sam Polglase (ETC ’08) on a project called The Nullpoint.

The Nullpoint is a blend of RTS gameplay and roguelike dungeon crawling where the player takes control of a small team of survivors stranded inside a mysterious alien structure. Uncover the story of the massive, space-borne labyrinth while scavenging for supplies, avoiding horrific monsters, and exploring the many randomly generated levels of the Nullpoint. This single player game leverages real-time tactics, survival horror elements and rogue-like style perma-death for an intensely unique and replayable experience.

​ We​ are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the game.  Please check out our Kickstarter page, where you can download the playable prototype, and if you like it, please back us, and spread help spread the word.


I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the prototype.  Thanks and I hope everyone in the ETC community is doing well!”

If alumni would like to share what they are going now, please contact either Drew or MaryCatherine.

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