Aaron Vanderbeek

Aaron has come to the ETC to fully explore the storytelling capabilities of games, film, music, and sound.

Raised by Texan parents in Massachusetts, Aaron studied Mechanical Engineering and Organ Performance at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA before moving to Austin, TX to work in the semiconductor industry as an Equipment Engineer. This line of work would bring Aaron back to Pittsburgh, PA where he would use his strong personal interests in game design to acquire a position as a Game Designer at SilverTree Media.

Games always have been, and always will be a huge part of his life. Regardless of genre or medium, Aaron wants to play it. Equipped with a lifetime of playing and designing games, he joyfully approaches games from the perspectives of player, designer, competitor, observer, and critic.

In addition to his educational and professional exploits, Aaron has fostered a love of music through listening, playing, performing, and composing. He has studied classical choir, piano, and organ for many years while personally pursuing Djing and electronic music. Aaron's interests also include traveling, architecture, and film.

Aaron is ecstatic to be at the ETC where he is surrounded by so many talented and passionate individuals, and plans to be a professional game designer.

Educational History

Mechanical Engineering / Organ Performance Carnegie Mellon University