Anisha Deshmane

Anisha was born and raised in sunny California and moved to Boston to earn her B.S. in Art and Design at MIT's Architecture program. Whenever she wasn't at her desk in studio, honing her skills in creating spaces and learning how people interact with their surroundings, Anisha also explored fields ranging through film, theater, anthropology, and programming for computer graphics.

She spent most of her free time throughout her undergraduate experience learning a wide range of disciplines including computer programming, film, set design, and stage management, fueling her continued exploration of application of architecture to themed entertainment. This passion for learning and expanding her experiences has only strengthened her goal to work in design for location-based entertainment.

Anisha joined the Entertainment Technology Center in the Fall of 2011 to combine both her technical skills and her creative abilities to create worlds that complement and enhance stories, allowing environments themselves to become attractions and lifelong experiences.

Educational History

Art and Architecture Massachusetts institute of Technology